1905 Smoking Fires at Crossbasket

1905 Crossbasket House. Photo by David Ritchie

1905 Crossbasket House. Photo by David Ritchie

A cosy scene from 1905. This previously unpublished photo was taken by my 2nd Great Grand Uncle, David Ritchie and forwarded on to me from Alex Bowie, with thanks.

Pictured is Crossbasket House, with their coal fires on to heat the building. The picture is intriguing to me, as it depicts habitation in all parts of the building, which is so unusual for me to see. Of course, thats all about to change, with the building currently undergoing renovation and renaming to Crossbasket Castle.

The picture looks like it was taken from the Upper railway station, at Calderwood Halt. Looking down on to Crossbasket from the North, the Lady Nancy bing is pictured in the background.

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