1897 New Station Road

1897 New Station Road

1897 New Station Road

Looking at a map of 1897, I noticed something peculiar. John Street, the road leading off Glasgow Road next to the Sports centre, was NOT called John Street at the time. In fact, it is clearly marked on the 1897 map (which I’ve highlighted with red dots), as “New Station Road“.

The street did not lead to any station, although did (and still does) run parallel to Station Road, further along to the West.

Forrest street nearby on this map, named after John Clark Forrest is clearly marked. It appears that New Station Road was later renamed John Street in honour of John Clark Forrest. Later Clark Street also appeared nearby, giving a street to each of this man’s name. To the left of new Station Road is Low Blantyre Public Park.

I’ve started to look into Streets that changed name or are no longer there. Much more on that lined up for the next few weeks.

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  1. At the bottom of John Street there has always been a lane leading to the station, halfway along there was a signal box which was operated by Mr Henderson until line was electrified.

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