1960 Calder Street Football Team

1960 Calder Street shared by Ian Dobson

1960 Calder Street shared by Ian Dobson

On 12th November 14, Ian Dobson sent in this photo of 1960 , Calder Street School. Ian told me, “My dad is the one with the cup between his legs. William Dobson. I know the keeper is William Barwood. It’s Calder street school.

The photo was taken by prophets. 487 shields road Glasgow. Tried to research them but seems everything was mainly Edinburgh so no idea why they would taking photos of Calder street secondary. My dad mentioned, when I was younger, that Bill prentice, who used to be the coal man from bottom of Victoria street, played as well as William Barwood and I’m sure he said Billy Gallagher who is well known in Blantyre too.

My dad used to talk about the games of football they played. Buggy buildings ( where he was brought up. )against elm street, springwells etc.

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