1859 Woodburn House

1859 Woodburn

1859 Woodburn

“Woodburn” is a large house located just South of Low Blantyre Train Station.

Pictured here on an 1859 map, this property belonged to J Burns, the official Station master at the time. It was also home to J Sproul Esquire. Described at the time as “a superior , detached property”, the house sat near the railway line, but was accessed from a long tree lined lane.

Today, the large double storey home is still a private residence, but the long driveway has now been replaced by a street Woodburn Avenue, in honour of the impressive property at the end of the old driveway.

Pictured is Woodburn Avenue, taken from Station Road, taken a couple of years ago around 2012. Houses line the left hand side with Woodburn located through the gate at the end of the Avenue. Woodburn House is pictured by Jim Brown in the gallery below along with the ruined outbuilding.

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