Smiths Funeral Parlour

1996 Smiths Funeral Parlour by Robert Stewart

1996 Smiths Funeral Parlour by Robert Stewart

Still existing today is Smith’s Funeral Parlour at 83 Stonefield Road, Blantyre. Established first in 1877, the family business served many people throughout Lanarkshire, with several generations of the Smiths running the funeral service. Their business relocated to the current building shortly after the Anderson Church burned down on 8th June 1978. The Anderson Church hall was saved and renovated when bought over by Smiths, to become the funeral parlour we know today. Inside there are two separate chapels for families to be with the deceased.

Photographed here 18 years ago in 1996 by Robert Stewart, the building remains very similar and faces out on to Stonefield Road at the junction of the entrance to Blantyre Bowling Club.

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  1. Would Smith’s Funeral Parlour have any old records of people who were laid out in its parlour? Maybe they would have some old Girvin names? Thanks. Regards, Mike.

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