Robert Brownlie’s fond memory

1940s Railway Line near Westcraigs is now

1940s Railway Line near Westcraigs is now

Robert Brownlie contacted me on the 8th November 2014, enclosing a couple of graphics to support his childhood memory, which he describes below.

“As a teenager I spent most of my free time riding my Dirt bike along this stretch of dismantled Strathaven  railway line, accessed from opposite Hamilton Drive on Sydes Brae ! Little did I know at the time, but this stretch of old Railway would become the fondest place in my teenage memory banks lol, Especially the old Railway bridge at the Udston/Hillhouse end where I spent many hours even days sometimes ! 

Well I was recently surprised to learn & go see for myself, it is still there today, smack bang in the middle of the Hamilton Technology Park ! How awesome was that ? However, it’s beautiful rusty brown iron sides have long since gone, but the Tarmac road, bridge bottom & block abutments are still there, albeit initially hidden by bushes, trees etc :)”

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