Enhancements to Website


Enhancements underway to this website

You may have noticed several enhancements to the website. I’ve been setting out better navigation and starting to upload additional sections to the website, making it easier to navigate and easier to find anything you’re looking for. This includes planned new sections for World War I, World War II, Blantyre Farms, Blantyre Pubs & Clubs as well as  the new Honours Roll.


Introducing merge with Blantyre Telegraph!

In a drive to merge ALL my online sites into this one site, I’m pleased to announce that I’m merging my Blantyre news website “The Blantyre Telegraph” into the news sections on THIS site. After all, today’s news is tomorrow’s history. This halves the work that I do by having only ONE site online reporting all Blantyre’s Contemporary news (as well as continuing to provide posts about history). I have been liasing closely with several local reporters since 2011 when the Telegraph was established. It has proven very popular on Facebook and I’m proud as punch for it now to be included here too. It’s hoped this will further drive Net Traffic to this website and continue to promote awareness of “everything Blantyre”.

Rescheduling of history articles commences again here on this website on 25th November.

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