1923 & 2014 Danskins Animated Overlay

1923 & 2014 Danskins Merged Photo by Robert Brownlie

1923 & 2014 Danskins Merged Photo by Robert Brownlie

What happens when you merge a 1923 postcard of Stonefield Road, with a recent picture in 2014? Well, you get the whole change to the road, put entirely in context and chance to look through the keyhole , as to what it used to be like.

Thanks to the skills of Robert Brownlie, this animated merged photo is produced showing Danskins drapery (collinses) at the cross at the top of Stonefield Road. The buildings are long gone replaced by modern shops. These type of overlay pictures are excellent for demonstrating the changes that have occurred in this area and it’s great to see my granny’s shop is still a good reference point existing in both eras.

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  1. I remember that shop being a general store in the early ’70’s owned by 2 sisters if I recall. It was then taken over by Eddie Collins, who owned the bakery on Broompark Road, where he built a bigger shop, which then went on to become The Manhattan pub (run by his sons). it is now the site of Carrigans Bar and Restaurant…… Great memory of that part of Stonfield/Broompark Road…

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