David Maxwell Restaurant, Kirkton

1880s or 90s David Maxwell Restaurant

1880s or 90s David Maxwell Restaurant

David Maxwell’s Restaurant was situated in the Spiers Laun building, and the establishment later became more known as “The Station Cafe”. Pictured here around 1880s or 1890s is a woman, perhaps related to the Maxwell’s outside the restaurant in High Blantyre’s Main Street.

The stone work is new looking, as the building was still fairly new at that time. If you look closely at the glass in and above the doorway, you can see the reflection of the kirkyard directly opposite and the tall trees there.

To put this picture in context, on the right is Main Street, to the left was School Lane and Logan’s Pub (later to become Carrigans and now The Cornerstone)

The Spiers Laun building was gone by the late 1930’s.

  • Update: I have since found out David Maxwell was granted a license for this location in Jun 1898. As such the photo, can’t be earlier than that. He took over from Mr Tomney and the premises had changed hands in 4 years beforehand, largely deemed unsuitable by authorities.

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