2003 Kirkton Aerial Photo, Blantyre

2003 Kirkton Aerial photo

2003 Kirkton Aerial photo

Pictured from high above Blantyre in 2003, is Kirkton and Main Street, High Blantyre. Notice there are no traffic lights at Hunthill Road and Douglas Street, which weren’t put in until 2004.

In the middle of the photo is the care home, built in the 1990s. Matt Boyles detached home is pictured in the middle lower third, long before the Lomond View flats were built.

I was surprised to see how green Kirkton actually is. When driving through, it can feel built upon and very inhabited. There is a lot of green spaces and gardens in this photo.

To the top left is the Old Parish Church and my own home “Croftfoot” on the lower right. Would you like a similar aerial photo of your street or home? Send me a message and I’ll see what i can do.


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