1920’s Patersons of Ulva Place

1930's Patersons of Ulva Place shared by Margaret Chalmers

1930’s Patersons of Ulva Place shared by Margaret Chalmers

Margaret Chalmers recently sent in a few family photos of her Blantyre family, The Patersons who lived in Ulva Place.

Pictured in the family photo here in the 1930’s are the family of Patersons. Margaret told me, “Ulva Place was near David Livingstone Memorial Centre. My mother is at the bottom right, Isobel Paterson the youngest of the family. My Aunt Janet is in the middle row, second left. Her son George Winning had a street named after him. I would say this photo is pre 1938, as my gran died when my mum was 16 and both gran and grandpa are in this photo. These people are all deceased, but with lots of family, some relations are still living in Blantyre.”

Looking a little further back to her mother’s life, Margaret also shared a couple of photos of her mum, Isobel. Pictured in 1925 is little Isobel and her brother and another lovely picture of just Isobel on her own. Margaret went on to say, When my mum was a baby she was rocked in the baby cradle that’s in David Livingstone Memorial but what the connection of that is I don’t know.


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