1920 Blantyre Priory by Robert MacLeod

1920 Blantyre Priory by Robert MacLeod Snr

1920 Blantyre Priory by Robert MacLeod Snr

A wonderful photograph of Blantyre Priory taken in 1920 by Robert MacLeod (Snr).

I’ve scanned it in in High Resolution , which can be clicked upon to enlarge it and see the detail. Incredibly, a lot of the structure remains then, by comparison to the few stones there today.

Blantyre Priory was founded in the middle of the 13th Century and was itself a casualty of the mid 1500s reformation. William Wallce was said to have sheltered here and jumped into the Clyde to scape pursuers. The last Priory actually became the first Protestant minister of Blantyre. Over the years, the stones have been removed and recycled, more so in the 19th century. From this old photo, you may get a sense of scale of how the building used to look like, with part of it on a lower level to the right.


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