List of Blantyre Priors

blantyre-priory-sketchBack in May 2014, Harry Doyle emailed me his research into Blantyre Priors. i.e He had compiled a list of all the known head Priors at Blantyre Priory from the year 1296 to 1567. There is a rumour in Blantyre that many of the Priors were buried near the Priory itself, often under the trees now there, but this is unproven.

The last Prior William Chyrnside may have endured the toughest time living through reformation and having to give up his Catholic faith to become Protestant.

Thank you to Harry for starting this work. As this website develops, further detail will be added to each, as information becomes known or investigated.

William de Cokeburne 1296-1304
John de Eglinton 1380-1381
William Forfare 1430
William Fressell 1451
William Bassindene 1451- c1472
John Cavers 1472
John Bassindene 1472-1476
John Turnbull 1476
William Busby c1489
William Bell 1489-1508
John Aitkenhead 1506
Robert Cottis 1508-1536
John Cessford 1509-1512
William Cottis 1536
Robert Cottis junior 1534-1536
James Salmond 1536-1545
John Donaldi (mac Donald/Donaldson) 1538-1541
John Moncreif 1538-1547
Thomas Hugonis 1543
John Roull 1547-1549
John Hamilton 1549-1552
William Chrysyde (Chrinside) 1552-1567
1567 – Priory Abandoned

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