1952 Commemorating Philip Murray

1952 John McCue and Mr McDonald (right) shared by June Roberts

1952 John McCue and Mr McDonald (right) shared by June Roberts

In September 2014, I was contacted by June Roberts saying , “Hi Paul, I am researching family history and have come across a photo of a John McCue  (an old relative) being presented with a silver mounted umbrella by Mr Douglas the USA ambassador on the occasion of a plaque being unveiled at the miners welfare Blantyre to commemorate  services of Philip Murray, Johns  nephew.”

June has kindly shared the photo with Blantyre Project. On the back, is written, “To commemorate the services of Phillip Murray.”

Philip Murray fought tirelessly for workers rights, in particular to the coal and steel industries. He died on 9th November 1952, and this photo likely dates from just after that event. You can read about Blantyre man, Philip Murray here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/07/17/philip-murray-industry-heavyweight/

Mr John McCue must have felt considerable pride in Philip’s achievements. John died in Blantyre in April 1955.

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