1930’s Tennis Courts at Crossbasket

1936 Crossbasket Tennis CourtsLooking at the 1936 map of High Blantyre, I see that there were Tennis Courts at Crossbasket. About midway along the estate entrance road between the Lodge and Crossbasket House, was a large flat area which in the 1930’s was used as a tennis court. The playing fields do not appear on the 1910 map, meaning they were built between 1910 -1935.

During a Sunday morning walk with Jim Brown in mid September 2014, I visited the area, which I have to admit has no resemblance anymore to a tennis court. The field is indeed flat at that point, but now new, small trees grow alongside the perimeter of where the courts used to be. The field is covered with grass and no indication of the court remains. Speaking of trees, at that exact location, there is a beautiful plum tree laden with fruits, although now heading out of season.

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