The Caldervale Seat 2014

Blantyre Project has written a couple of times about the makeshift, wooden resting bench at Caldervale, (at Fin Me Oot). The last article we wrote about the bench was accompanied with photos from around 10 years ago. However, the seat itself has changed over the years and so has the sign. I recently posted the story of the original sign here

With his permission, I can reveal that my fellow history enthusiast friend, Alex Rochead has been attending to the sign in recent years, repairing its lettering by painting it. Alex told me recently, “It’s been a while since I last carried out repairs and painted the old seat at Caldervale. I don’t know who first built it but over the years various people have repaired or modified it. I took a we trip down on Saturday to have a look and the chair that I knew is no longer there. There has been a great deal of work carried out in the area and the seat may have been damaged during this time. I have attached photos of the new chair as it is now, not as good as in my day but I am glad work is still being carried out on the chair. I think I will need to do more to it.”

“Someone has written on the back panel “Wee Brian’s favorite place and Wee Brian 11/11/04 – 17/6/14 RIP Wee Man”

The dedication is touching and very recent. It looks like the bench may have a new custodian as the message is so recent and the dates tell a sad story for themselves. It is with the utmost respect I post this and would be happy to see the new message about Brian remain there for a long, long time in such a beautiful , peaceful area.

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