Fin me oot in USA & Wales

Isla Arendell (nee McInally) wrote to me with the following message, “Further to your post about ‘Fin me Oot’, I thought you might like to hear about our family connection. My parents John and Nan McInally (nee Murphy) emigrated to the States in 1951. My father grew up on Baird’s Rows and my mother in Rosebank Avenue in the Village. My mother’s family, her mother Alice (nee Burns) and her two sisters Margaret and May followed my parents and their father James Murphy and settled in

Isla's parents American Fin Me Oot

Isla’s parents American Fin Me Oot

New York. We had a holiday home up state in Lake Hopatcong which my parents named Fin me Oot as they never forgot their roots.

Here is a picture of the American Fin me Oot  and one of the original sign which we brought back with us when my parents returned to Blantyre with me in the 1970’s.  We settled on Farm Road. My father John was the school janitor in David Livingstone Primary and my mother ran the playgroup on Logan Street. I now live in Gloucestershire and have a holiday house in Wales called….. Fin me Oot and  use the original sign from the 1960’s. Isla”

With permission to share, here is Isla’s  parents American holiday home named Fin Me Oot, along with the old, original sign. Fin Me oot was the affectionate name given to Caldervale mining village.

The Original 1960s Fin Me Oot Sign

The Original 1960s Fin Me Oot Sign


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  1. My Sister was born in fin me oot at my granny and grandad house Harriet and sammy guy

  2. intersting story with names Isla, im sure older bro Colin may enlarge,born1941 myself 1947 young bro 1953, all born in FinMeOot schooled initiatelyST.,Charles Newton, another mining village. Family and freinds, like memories,like Finmeoot,live forever.

  3. Nice story Paul and Isla. One note – I know of a Lake Hapotcong in the State of Pennsylvania near the town of Rockaway – just off Highway Route 80. It is about 60 miles from the George Washington Bridge and New York City. I have/had friends living in the area. I don’t know of any Lake Hapotcong in New York State. This could be where they had the summer house. Regards, Mike.

    1. Lake Hopatcong is off Rt 80 in New Jersey not New York. How do I know? Isla is my dear cousin and we spent many summers at “Fin Me Oot”.

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