Step Closer to the 2nd Book launch!

Booker cover image small

The first draft cover of “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 2”

Exciting news! I’ve come home from work this evening to find my new Book cover is here! The book isn’t out until near Christmas 2014, but there’s nothing like being prepared early. (Still a lot of editing to do over next few months!). I have to say, i’m really, really pleased with it and it brings home just how near completion the book is.

I commissioned a painting of Milheugh house especially for use on the cover. Expensive, but definitely worth it. It provides a beautiful and unique painting of the old house in colour, which compliments the style of the first book and should provide a nice talking point. The first book had a white cover, so i’ve coloured this one, to distinguish it and make it stand out as different, but the font and style is very similar so its still apparent this is one of a series of books. I can only hope for the success that the first book has enjoyed. I’m super excited about it and CAN’T WAIT for the book launch at the end of the year.

Milheugh House, a copyright painting commissioned for Blantyre Project

Milheugh House, a copyright painting commissioned for Blantyre Project

I leave you with this beautiful painting of Milheugh House. As it’s due for publication, the following painting is strictly copyrighted and may not be used on or offline without permissions. Thanks.

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