Pathhead, top of Peth Brae

1920 Barnhill PathheadPictured in 1920 is a property called “Pathhead”, a weavers cottage located at the top of the Peth Brae, Barnhill.

The 19th Century cottage was made of stone, had an upstairs and was roofed in thatch. In this photo, part of the building has been felted and tarred, instead of the having to thatch it every few years. The road on the right is Bardykes Road and in the foreground is the top, entrance of the Peth Brae, the road falling sharply out of sight to the left. Two small boys walk past the doorway.

It is said that the weaver had a machine which made weaving easier and it was common for children to look in the window next to the road to see this wonder. Today, the cottage is no longer there, but is now a small public car park serving the Hoolets pub.

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