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1990 David Livingstone FountainPictured here in 1990 is a view of the fountain in the grounds at the David Livingstone Centre near Blantyre. The sculptor Pilkington Jackson created it in 1929 and it was officially handed over on Saturday 14th September 1935.

Charles d’Orville Pilkington Jackson was born at Garlennick, Cornwall in 1887. He studies sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art, winning a travelling scholarship in 1910. Along with the tableaux, he also created the fountain in the grounds. However, this wasn’t his supreme work of art. His best-known sculpture is probably that of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, which was erected in 1964. Pilkington Jackson died in 1973. You can read much more about this wonderful sculpture here

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  1. was at david livingstone park last friday brought back memories

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