The Malcolmwood Fire

2013 Malcolmwood Farm Blantyre

Malcolmwood as it is today

Two detachments of Lanark County Fire Brigade were summoned to Malcolmwood Farm in one day in 1935, then owned by John Pettigrew. Beside 50 tonnes of newly gathered hay, two large buildings, farm implements and two hay wagons to the value of £1,000 were destroyed.

The farm was isolated from other properties and the firemen immediately knew they would have problems with an inadequate supply of water. A telephone message was sent to Hamilton Headquarters for assistance and two pumping engines were sent to the scene.


Maclomwood Farm

The lines of hoses were laid down the hill , to the River Calder over quarter of a mile away and by this means, a plentiful supply was achieved and maintained. The fire had originated in one of the hay sheds, a large brick building with a slated roof. The flames quickly spread to the cattle and horse sheds, but the fireman succeeded in preventing any loss of life, and indeed ensured the fire avoided the house itself. The buildings affected were burned down. The firemen also succeeded in saving 12 stacks of newly gathered corn.

The Farm sits not in Blantyre, but officially and only just, in Cambuslang Parish. The farm is pictured here by Jim Brown, as is exists today and is the livlihood and home to the Rochead family.


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  1. Yes Caroline. Thats the one, now a dog kennels too.

  2. Is this the farm at the top of Pech Brae(not holets nest end) who have Clydesdale Horses

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