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1930 Milk run blantyreAn extract from school Log Book, High Blantyre Public School, High Blantyre, Lanarkshire, 21st February to 24th March 1930, page 374. (See also SLC708_091) Refers to a scheme to give milk daily to a test group of 100 children.

The entry for 21st February refers to the arrangements for weighing the children receiving daily milk as an experiment to see how giving milk to these children may affect their health and weight. As we know, milk being given to children in school was eventually approved and rolled out as standard.

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Joseph Allan USD ta get a half carton
Ann Odonnell School milk was disgusting, left outside it was warm and put me of drinking milk for life
Elizabeth Weaver I see it was part of a larger experiment, well intended but sadly lacking in modern research methods. Teachers understandably skewed the results by feeding the milk to poorer children so the results weren’t random, as required. Interesting that the reviewer suggests testing twins for any further research.(…/stati…/decision/1931-student.pdf)
Caroline Rundell I loved being a milk monitor it was a good skive from class hehe x
Anthony Smith I hated school milk at St.Jo’s,in the early 60,s.I was able to avoid taking it when I was made a milk monitor.Even today,I don’t drink milk.
Blantyre Project I remember the triangular milk cartons that would arrive as soon as classes started. 5 minute Milk break wasn’t until 10.30am and they always stored the crates beside the radiators in the classroom. Warm milk.
Jim Cochrane stevensons dairy tetrahedron cartons
Jim Cochrane the best milk was straight from the milk tank on the farm.
Sandy Wilkie Fur give me folks, though I’d love to comment on many of these Milk Matters, I prefer not to get involved in discussions about the White Stuff – there are so many factors to take into a/c about what’s “good for you” and what’s not – there are so very many unintentionally misguided thoughts we all have from our youth, about those nostalgic, slightly romantic memories, that I try to keep clear. However, if I’d been given a pound every time someone has told me they were put off drinking milk for life because of school milk experiences, I’d have retired a very rich man, many years ago!
Peter Mc Gahon Yeah with the cream on it best of gear was reared on it full of water now


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  1. Sorry Caroline. I only have a few pages for some notable events, e.g opening David Livingstone Centre children in attendance etc. The log was more a teachers diary and didnt often mention pupils by name.

  2. Do u have the school log from 1924 onwards? And if so is there any mention of John, Mary or William Lee, our Dad who is 94 would love it if there was. Dad said the bright kids sat at the front of the class near the fire!

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