Douglas Bader opens Golf Training

1965 Douglas Bader blantyrePictured here on 24th September 1965 is World War II RAF Hero Douglas Bader, putting a meringue after opening a new golf school at James Little Training house at High Blantyre. (At Crossbasket)

Douglas Bader lost both his legs in an aircraft accident before World War II. He battled back to regain his Royal Air Force flying status and flew in combat against the Luftwaffe, before being captured, enduring time in concentration camps including Colditz, despite his disability.

In 1976 , he was knighted in recognition for his services in assisting disability charities. He died in 1982, aged 72.

The James Little College at Crossbasket was officially opened on 5th June 1965 where a grand fete was held inviting the people of Blantyre. It was opened with a surprise helicopter landing from Max Bygraves who entertained the crowd with some songs.

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