The Wee Greenhall Plaque

Blantyre Project reader Jamie Stirling has a keen eye for detail. Observing a little plaque in Greenhall on an old tree, he took these three photos.

The plaque serves as a warning to the people of Blantyre and says “Lest we forget, this park belongs to the people.” It seems very fitting and appropriate and looks old enough to be several decades old. The origins of Greenhall being a park go back to after the demolition of the house and lodge. It is unknown who had the foresight to put the plaque up. (Ean Paul are you reading this? Here’s hoping!) It’s a timely reminder just as the council are cutting budgets in this area, that this is a park for the people. Lets hope the plaque sees a return to the days of pitch n putt, swings and picnics in this area.

Update: Since writing this i have found out in April 2014, that it was Blantyre man Jim Brown who put the plaque up with the aid of stepladders, as a reminder for future generations. Looks like the mystery is solved.

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