Park Lane and Clyde Street


Park lane in recent years

I’ve been lucky enough to be given access to some editions of the Blantyre Gazette where it seems every piece of Blantyre news was recorded on a weekly basis. This certainly makes Blantyre Project a lot easier and I say thanks again to Marion Robertson for lending me the issues.

This story featured on the front page of Blantyre Gazette Saturday 17th July 1948, the fair holidays edition. It remarks upon the effort to address housing shortages in Blantyre.

“More Prefabs Allocated – Over half the houses now let. With the allocation of another twenty two pre-fabs on Monday of this week, more than half of the 60 houses contained in the Station Road scheme have now been let. The latest tenants were given their keys yesterday (Thursday) and including this batch there are now 38 of the houses occupied. This only leaves a further 22 houses to be allocated to complete the scheme. So far, the two streets formed by the houses are without a name but information received by us is to the effect that one street will be called Park Lane and the other Clyde Street. “. Does anybody remember the Station Road prefabs?

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Very much enjoy the ‘Blantyre Project’. My mother’s family were from Blantyre and her father and uncles were the McLean Brothers who had a mineral water business – Springfield Mineral Water Coy.
    I was born in October 1949 in a prefab in Centre Street, Low Blantyre.
    We moved to East Kilbride in 1953 but I still have memories of the area.

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