Olympic Hopeful to Blantyre

From the Blantyre Gazette 1948

boxing52Information has reached his grandfather’s home at Blantyre that 19 year old Fred Daigle, son of a former Blantyre woman is coming to Britain as one of Canada’s boxing hopes in the Olympic games. Fred’s mother is Bridget Gormley, whose father, Mr Peter Gormley still resides at 106 Baird’s Rows. Bridget went out to Canada in 1928 and it was there that she met and married Fred Daigle. The family live at 130 Riverside Street, Montreal. Her sister, Margaret is married to Peter Daigle, her husband’s brother and the two families live only a stone’s throw from one another.

According to a cutting from a Canadian paper handed into the Blantyre Gazette, young Daigle appears to have made a name for himself in amateur boxing circles and certainly made sure of his place in the Canadian Olympic team which will be visiting Britain. The Boxers grandfather Mr Peter Gormley hopes that his grandson will be able to visit Blantyre where he would undoubtedly be assured of a great welcome. According to letters which Mr Gormley has received from Canada, Fred is himself very anxious to visit Scotland and he’s hopeful that his good fortune in being chosen for the Olympics may lead to his hopes materialising. Fred will be making a determined effort to see the place where his mother was born.

Frederick William “Fred” Daigle did take part in the London 1948 Olympics representing Canada. His event was men’s bantamweight, where it was recorded his age was actually 17 , rather than 19. Unfortunately, he didn’t get past the first rounds fighting Jimmy Caruthers of Australia, who won on points. It was a tough opening round, as Jimmy went on to win other matches in the games.

Source: The Blantyre Gazette Saturday 17th July 1948 & Wikipedia.

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