Lucky Pit Escape at Bardykes

Miners at Bardykes Colliery

Miners at Bardykes Colliery

The miners of Bardykes Colliery had a lucky escape on the evening of Thursday 14th October 1949. The news report is as follows:

Pithead Structure Crashes The pithead structure at No. 2 Pit of Bardvkes Colliery, Blantyre, collapsed yesterday evening. No one was hurt. The main shaft caved in on Monday, since when the colliery has been idle. Prior to the collapse of the structure from which the haulage machinery is operated, ominous rumblings had been heard yesterday by men who were filling in No2 shaft, and it was no great surprise them when the whole structure suddenly gave way.  Work was being carried out largely by means of mechanical conveyor, and additional machinery is being brought in to try salve the pithead machinery. About 750 men are normally employed the colliery.

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