Act of Kindness with Purse Returned

1947-hair-2Sunday Post in July 1949 recorded a nice act of kindness that happened in Blantyre. Mrs Wilson of Greenhall Cottage, High Blantyre told the following story:

During 1949, my young daughter worked hard to earn enough to have her hair permed. She made an appointment for last Tuesday and paid a deposit. But on her way to the hairdresser’s she lost her purse with every penny she possessed. When she came home and told me, I didn’t want to see her disappointed, so I gave her my pension. She took it very reluctantly and went back to the shop. Imagine her delight when a man walked into the shop with her purse whilst she was there! He had picked it up and seen inside the receipt for the deposit. My daughter was so excited she forgot to thank the stranger. I would like to do so now, not only on her behalf, but on my own, for I could ill afford to lose my pension.”

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