Blantyre Project Success!

Had a fantastic day! Just back from a packed out Presentation at Blantyre Community Resource Centre, above the library, where the room was full to capacity. The presentation covered origins of Blantyre and then individual photos and stories of the separate areas within the town, spanning a few centuries. Thank you to the people who brought along photos and things for me to see and for all the interesting things you’ve raised for me to look at! I’m going to be busy!

IMG_1700I’d like to also say thanks for the Blantyre Library who have now got multiple photos and articles up on their wall. I appreciate this so much and glad people are going to get to see them in a wonderful venue like our own Town Library. That’s me for the moment for presentations until the Summer schedule starts in mid June. Thanks to everybody who turned up today, endured me over-running and glad you all enjoyed it.

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  1. Wonderful presentation!! Thank you for giving up your Saturday afternoon

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