1950’s Anderson Church Hall

1950s Anderson Church Hall Blantyre ProjectThis photo dates from the mid to late 1950’s and features a group putting on a show in the Anderson Church Hall, Stonefield Road. Do you recognise anybody?

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Mairkie Wilson Cemetery hall

Caroline Lee High Blantyre Church Hall

Jack Bethel High Blantyre Primary didn’t have a stage. It looks like the Old Parish Church Hall but I was never in the Anderson Church hall so can’t say for certain. It looks like a “Mock Wedding”.

Margaret Sanderson I don’t know where it is but I think I can rule out the Old Parish Church hall for you. As you look at the picture, the Old Parish Church hall would have had a window to the right and on the left, the wall did not go straight up from the floor of the stage as the back staircase was there. The ceiling of the staircase jutted into the stage.

Elizabeth Ann Ward It looks like Anderson church hall on Stonefield road. I used to go to guides there and have pics of us on stage doing concerts. Looks very similar x

Janis Orr I think it’s Anderson too, I went to guides there. I agree with Margaret it doesn’t look like the stage in the Old Parish.

Ann Crossar Wonder why they are portraying a wedding? Maybe little earlier than 1950’s and 1947 for Queen (princess) Elizabeth’s marriage? Seen other photos where kids did this.

Arlene Campbell I think this is Anderson church hall .. Went to brownies here and i though it was here as soon as I saw it annexe didn’t have a stage

Stephen Speirs Stage in old St Blane’s?

Jeanette Lee Looks like Anderson church hall to me too. I went to Sunday school brownies and guides there too.

Jude Wolf Looks like the Co dance hall

Henry Hambley It’s a bit of a negative answer but I don’t think this is the Old Parish Church Halls for many of the the reasons that Margaret Sanderson gave.

Hannah Mcaleenan I would say it’s andersons church hall where I went to the brownies

Lesley Bethel I think the bride is my godmother Jean Paterson, my Mum , Johan Naismith is sitting in front of her to her left, holding a bouquet. It is pre 1940 and it is indeed the Anderson Church.

The Blantyre Project Thanks folks. I’m now convinced enough from these comments, that it is the Anderson Church too, simply as my parents were associated with this church for quite some time. It makes sense for them to have photos of it.

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