Blantyre Auchinraith Silver Band

Band 1904On countless occasions when important events were taking place between 1901 and the 30s, the Auchinraith Band were in attendance. The Auchinraith Silver Band, to give it it’s full title was founded in 1901 with 16 learners. It proved very successful and quickly became established and well known in Blantyre. The band grew in size but unfortunately became defunct during War years. Mr William Anderson of Blantyre was instrumental (pardon the pun) in starting up the band again when peace was restored when he took action in 1920 for it to be reformed. For a period of 3 years, Mr. Anderson was also the conductor in Dumbarton Burgh Band and toured the Highlands with them for a period of 2 years in succession.  He later gave valuable service to both St Joseph’s and Blantyre’s Silver band.

The Band attended the opening of Auchinraith School on 31st August 1900. When Andra McAnulty joined the band, he became extensively involved in fundraising, helping to secure enough funds to build the Blantyre Miner’s Welfare building, still standing today.The family photos show the Auchinraith band in 1904 and later in 1921.

Band 1921Much of this article was kindly told to me by Elizabeth Cardoo retold here with thanks and of course her written permission in September 2013. William Anderson, Elizabeth’s Grandfather was the conductor in the band and is pictured in these photos. Using this information and other Blantyre project articles and knowing what instruments the men played, I’m very close to establishing the names of all the men in Auchinraith band, which will be published in due course.

I also managed to find out that the conductor of the band during 1923 to 1926 was Mr John Faulds. The band took part in several major competitions from 1904 onwards. They did remarkably well in competitions such as the Camelon contest in 1906 where the prize was £14. Later in the 20s, the competed in the Scottish brass band championships, consistently achieving 3rd or 4th places, where 16 overall bands took part.

In this next photo, Elizabeth’s father Guy Anderson sits on a bench in Greenhall Park with Nat Anderson. Clearly taking some time out from the rest of the band, to be photographed on their own.


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