Moving Day at Shuttle Row 1903

shuttlerowAn excited family move in to their new home in Shuttle Row, Blantyre in 1903. Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the family, but the census of 1911 does narrow it down to 24 possible surnames. (I will try to reconcile the names against the 1901 survey to show which surnames are new. When i do this i’ll update here who the family may actually be!). If you look very closely, a weary horse and full cart is parked up outside the houses (one of which was the Birthplace of David Livingstone). A woman stands by being photographed as no doubt the rest of the family had started unpacking their belongings from the cart, transporting them to their new room.I say room, as this building contained 24 rooms, each of which was a home for an entire family. Conditions were crammed but these houses were considered clean and satisfactory by comparison to some of the nearby rows.

Thank you to Michael Doyle for lending me this photo, which i don’t believe i’ve seen published before.

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