The Basket Mound or ‘Tor’

Beside Basket Farm, just off the end of Calderside Road is the mysterious Basket Mound, or Basket “Tor”. This is undoubtably a man made mound of Earth which may have very ancient roots. Surprisingly, not a lot is actually known about this location, or recorded, even in National Archives. The mound is very out of place and may actually have been an ancient burial ground or some sort of small hill fort. It does command a good view around the surrounding area.

The Tor rises out the field near Basket Farm and is now covered in an isolated woodland area, again adding to the mystery of the place. Standing on top of the Tor itself, is remarkably peaceful, very scenic and quiet. (despite the EK expressway being nearby). There are some interesting earthworks around the mound itself. On a recent September visit, i took these photographs to show the natural beauty of the area. It’s quite the spot for a picnic, or to walk the dog and i believe extremely underused by the people of Blantyre.


The Natural beauty of Blantyre’s Basket Tor

If you’re seeking out the Tor, it’s very accessible and easy to find, lending itself ideally to family outings and walks. Keep in mind the Country code at all times, being mindful of closing gates and not disturbing cattle. The Tor sits off the Chainlink Road, (an ancient road, at the end of Calderside Road) in the area of Basket (across the EK Expressway from Crossbasket).

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