Intricate Walling on Forgotten Paths

On the lower slopes below the ruins of Craigneath Castle are a whole extensive network of old paths that linked Craigneath to the High Calder and Calderwood Glen. Some of these paths are still visible and without too much undergrowth. Others, not so much and very reclaimed by the woods and fallen trees to the point of difficulty seeing them.

The paths are in general very steep and usually one side falls away steeply, making them quite unsafe to walk on at times. However, others are in excellent condition, supported by stone retaining walls of excellent craftmanship. In my photographs below, pictured is Jim Brown at the end of September 2013. You can see the steep incline of the path and the detail on the stonework walls have thought put into every single stone placed. This path is located on the Blantyre side of Calderwood Glen and is quite a well kept secret, largely forgotten and leading down to the network of paths at the Upper and Lower Craigneath falls.


Detail on Stone Wall on paths leading to Craigneath Craggs & Falls.


Jim Brown pictured end September 2013 at the Craigneath woodland paths

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