Old Park Road Limekiln

IMG_1105About midway up Sydes Brae, near the Auchentibber War memorial on the left hand side is a small path across the field. Adjacent to the fenced fields, the path joins from across the road from Auchentibber War memorial, all the way down to Earnock Road near to dykehead woodland. Old maps show that Park Rd, where the crematorium is, extended all the way up to Newhousemill Rd passing this area. A very pleasant walk, the reward near the end of the track is the wonderful Park Road Stone Limekiln.

This old structure from the 1870-80’s is still remarkably intact.


Limekiln at Old Park Road, Auchentibber

Considerable effort has gone into placing the stones in what seems perhaps more than the kiln actually needed. The back is formed by an earthworks mound, raising up to meet the top. There is evidence inside of old kilns, chimneys and still the stench of burning (which may have been modern). Interestingly, the bricks that form around the archway itself, are named from Blantyre Brickworks, some marked “Blantyre”, for Blantreferme/works brickyards or “Greenhall” for the brickie at Crossbasket.

Limestone and Ironstone were mined in Auchentibber from the early 1700’s to the early 1900’s. Messrs Colin Dunlop and Company were the likely owners of this kiln, responsible for extracting huge quantities of limestone in the local area for the use of mortar and cements of the era. This is a lovely short walk for anybody in Blantyre, very accessible and satisfying. I would highly recommend seeing the kiln on a nice dry day.

2 Further great photos from 2016, taken by Fiona MacFarlane.

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