Fires Without Smoke

News report about moving away from burning coal in Blantyre’s council homes.

electric“The West End of Blantyre is to go Smokeless on 1st October next year (1973). This was decided by Lanark County Council last week after hearing information from the County Sanitary Inspector along with an estimate of the cost involved. The order will affect 924 council houses and conversions are expected to cost the council £14,189 (About £15 per home). Councillor Elizabeth Scott welcomed the decision. She said it was a good thing as it would help purify the air. ‘These all electric houses are making a difference’, she added.”

From then on, it was a case of being careful about putting the second bar on the fire. Who can forget the scolding we would get if we were cold and put it on without permission, as the meter spun around like a spinning wheel!

Source: East Kilbride News , Friday December 15th, 1972.


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