Ejecting Miners from homes

rowsThe following report shows the harsh stance the owners of the colliery took, when miners were affecting their business, by prolonging strikes. This news paper report from 1886, shows clearly that the owners of the colliery pits were fully prepared to take extreme measures, by kicking out the miners and their families from the homes (rows) which were owned by the pit.

Yesterday the strike, at William Dixon’s (Limited) collieries, High Blantyre, entered on a new phase, Mr Kemp, messenger-at-arms, having served on eleven of the ringleaders in the dispute summonses of ejection from houses, occupied by them, and belonging to the company at Stonefield. The summonses will come on for hearing in Hamilton Sheriff Court on Friday. The remainder of the men on strike have received notice to leave the; Company’s, houses, or return to their work.

Source: Motherwell Times 24 July 1886

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