The Old Kirk at Kirkton

churchIt’s amazing the sights we take for granted these days not knowing or forgetting what used to be there in days gone by. The Church at High Blantyre is a great example, with many people in the town, not realising the old and very prominent churches that have been located at High Blantyre Cross long before the present Old Parish Kirk.

Using Google and photoshop, i’ve put the 2nd old Parish church in context of where it was back in the late 1700s. (the current old Parish is further to the right outwith the picture. The engraving of the 2nd church was taken in 1863, before it’s demolition. The old Kirk Graveyard is to the left outwith the picture which was the site of the first original church). The overlay lets you see exactly where the church would have been located.  The current grassy spot to the left of the coal monument used to be old tenements, so much of the church and this particular view would have been obscured if you were coming up from Hunthill road.

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