Greenhall Cupmarks

Cup marks discovered in the former Greenhall Estate, High Blantyre, have been described in detail as follows:

On a small range of brown/red sandstone cliffs in a secluded area of the former Greenhall Estate (now Greenhall Park, High Blantyre) is a selection of ancient cup markings. There size and position varies, but the most noticeable example is wider than the rest, and represents a shallow circle as opposed to a hemispherical cup mark. From studying extensive source materials from many libraries, archives, online resources etc, it would seem that their existence has not been previously recorded. However, it is mentioned in a few gazetteers and topographical dictionaries of the 1800s that ancient mounds containing cremation urns (Beaker People, Bronze Age) were found at Craigmuir and Greenhall Estate. They are very worn with time, and ivy and moss probably hide many other such markings at the site. From searching the surrounding rock faces, there are no other immediately apparent markings. Their location is on the northern bank trail after crossing the metal bridge below Greenhall House over the Rotten Calder Water.

In December 2008, local Blantyre resident, James Brown re-examined the rock face and discovered what is without doubt a cup & ring marking. The exact location of these marks, is noted in our google earth image below:


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  1. Ean – Thats a wonderful piece of history! There are so many markings in this area and its good to be able to track their source. If it’s ok with you, i’d like to update this post and publish that information. This is the sort of information i’d have loved to have put in my book. Maybe for the next book then……

    1. Yes you may use this information

  2. These markings were made in the mid 1920’s by my uncles Andrew and George Paul, my father Ean the youngest brother, showed me them over 60 years ago when we lived at Greenhall. My father was annoyed that he was not allowed to help grinding out the cup marks as he was too small at the time being 10 years younger than his oldest brother. The brothers got the idea from being shown cup marked stones on frequent visits to the West Highlands and Outer Hebrides with their parents.

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