Ah miss thae days…..

Ah miss thae days……

Gone ur thae days wi ‘a ther spelndir,
Nae mair sandstane, nae mair grandeur,
Ah miss thae days, wi the simple livin,
It wisnae aboot takin, but a’ways givin.

Gone ur thae days ‘o Blantyre past,
Tae the cawder falls, wi rod to cast,
Ah miss thae days ‘n roamin afar,
Trampin hame wi tadpoles in a jar.

Gone ur thae days, ye’ll hear me say,
Eddie the coalman, ginger vans tae,
An every month doon tae Jimmy Cleary,
Wi thon snippety scissors that made ye teary.

Gone ur thae days, wi oor humble abode,
Oor ain wee nest, near Stanefield Road,
Ah miss thae days, thae wur the best,
Geein cheek tae parents, ah wis a pest.

Gone ur thae days, wen ye walked yersel,
Never feart,  nae scary stories tae tell,
Ah miss thae days, wen oor streets wur calm,
Friendly banter, ‘n nae knives in palms.

Yes, Gone ur thae days, a long fur them back,
Or is it ma childhood, youth n the crack?
Ah miss thae days, am glad av said,
Wi nae regrets, a noo look ahead.

Paul Veverka, Feb 2012

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