Kirkton – Hamlet Name

Kirkton – A place in High Blantyre, we now officially recognise as probably only the Park. However, in years gone by, Kirkton was a lot more than just the public park. Prior to the early 1900s and long before the park was even created, Kirkton was the name of the hamlet, the little village that had sprang up around the old Church. In fact, history documents that the Kirk at High Blantyre, with the exception of Blantyre Priory, may be the oldest part of Blantyre. The Church, i.e the Kirk stood as a central feature in the middle of the old kirkyard as early as the 1500’s.  Homes and businesses eventually formed around this, a small town if you like. Hence Kirkton was the Scots abbreviated name for The Town at the Kirk. The reference to this part of the town in endangered. We all know Priory Bridge, Low Blantyre, Stonefield, Auchinraith, but the name Kirkton is fast eroding, being replaced by reference to High Blantyre. The public park may have just saved the name from disappearing altogether!

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