Paterson ancestors in Canadian Blantyre

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I’m researching my Paterson ancestry but haven’t been able to get beyond very basic information about James Paterson, my gg grandfather.  I believe he was born in Kerriemuir (Kirriemuir?) Scotland, 4/26/1814 and he married Ann Dick Warden (b 6/13/1816, Kinnettles Scotland) on 11/24/1835.  I don’t have death dates or burial locations for either one. My gg grandfather James was likely the founder of Blantyre Canada because my dad told me about visiting his mother’s family in Blantyre Canada during summer when he was young. I don’t know if James lived in Blantyre Scotland before emigrating to Canada.  Thank you in advance for any information or links you can provide about this Paterson family in Scotland or Canada.
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