John Paterson born circa 1876 Blantyre, Scotland

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My wife's Great Grandparents were John Paterson (29, Blantyre, Scotland) and Harriet Penny (22, Barrow-in-Furness, England) married 8th April 1905 in Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa. Witness to the marriage was an A. Paterson and a M. Pritlove. I have found the marriage of an Allan Mcnaughton Paterson (27, High Blantyre, Scotland) and Mary Ann Pritlove (31, Hartfordshire, England) married 4th November 1905 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Witness to this marriage was Lillian Fitzpatrick and John Paterson. Both these couples returned to the UK in 1907 and then returned to South Africa?? John Paterson was a Fitter on the mines and was arrested in the 1922 Johannesburg Miners Strike. Harriet apparently died in 1914, Krugersdorp, South Africa. I don't have a DOD for John. Might have a photo. Allan Mcnaughton Paterson was an Electrician on the mines and died 10th August 1925 in the Single Quarters of the Luipaardsvlei Estate Gold Mine, Krugersdorp. His wife was living in Guelph, Canada at the time. My thoughts are that these two Paterson's are in some way connected. If you have any information relating to the parents of either of these two people, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gordon Hayward  
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