Egg-citing News, 1897

I think local reporters had a fairly different perception of what made good “Blantyre news” back in Victorian times by comparison to today. Like for example this charming, yet rather unusual story.

Appearing in the Hamilton Herald Newspaper on 19th March 1897, it read as follows:

“The natives of Blantyre are presently rejoicing over 2 eggs weighing 8oz each! The eggs were laid by a goose belonging to farmer Archibald Struthers of Shott Farm and are being displayed in the window of Mr Hamilton at High Blantyre.”

“Admiring crowds have this week peered through this window and it is said that a number of inhabitants of the peaceful village of Carnwath have cast jealous eyes on the eggs.”

I can well imagine in those days before TVs, radio, electronics or film, residents in Blantyre getting out their armchairs and walking past such a window just to see what all the fuss was about! Who would have thought we’d be discussing those 2 goose eggs, 126 years later!

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