Blantyre Coal Mining Life

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Blantyre blacksmiths

Shielding his friend from the law

Unsuccessful Nystagmus Claim

NCB Banner at Dixons, High Blantyre

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Raising the flag at Dixons in 1947

Miners wife run over in 1931

Priory Colliery Magazine

Explosive store break in

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Gas Peril at Blanterferme

Courageous womans plucky rescue 1929

Fire at Blantyre Priory Colliery 1931

Ladys Leg amputated 1932

Gassing at Blantyreferme colliery 1937
1937 Cash Bonus for miners
Firedamp alarm at Blantyreferme
Hero saves youth 1937
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1879 – The Demon Drink – mining life
Miners – statue in Durham

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Old Wull – Lanarkshire Miner photo
Waddell’s Miners Lamp – photo
Cultivating Kindness – Pit ponies
Women – in Blantyre mines 1903