Larkfield Daring Burglary, 1896

A daring burglary took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, 23rd August 1896 at Larkfield, Blantyre.

On the site of the current Olive Music Lounge (Doon Inn), 127 years ago was the Larkfield Spirit Vaults, a public house occupied by Mr. John McLaughlin. The robber entered under cover of darkness by bending back an iron stanchion in a back window using a batten they found in a nearby garden (in homes which would later become Watson Street). The glass was broken and the snib opened to gain access.

Once inside, the robbers £5 in silver and several shillings in copper as well as 11 bottles of whisky and 4 pints of another type of whisky, all removed from the premises.

They had gained access to a back room which opened out to the front shop. Many hours elapsed before the burglary was discovered and even a week later it was reported by local police, they still had no idea who did it.

I suspect much of the stolen whisky had been long gone by that time!

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