1980 Blakely’s Pub

A scene still recognisable is the familiar Blakely’s Pub at the corner of Main Street and Broompark Road. The public house and hall built by Arthur Blakely in 1894 replaced a previous building on that location also owned by the Blakely family.

This photo is from around 1980, a good 43 years ago and I suspect was taken as the building had been given an overall, all the stonework cleaned up and looking at the roof, perhaps roof repairs too. The Old McEwans Lager sign now long gone. I have some questions about the 1980s and this building. Was there a flat above the pub then? What was the smaller building to the right used for?

The circular turret roof was replaced in recent years, the upstairs now Blantyre Family Dentist having taken over the location from previous dentist, Swinfen.

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  1. Upstairs was the pool room

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