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Reader Jim Crawford is asking if anybody has photos of the former “High Blantyre Hearts” football club? I have some notes as follows:

High Blantyre Hearts – A former boys’ football team created in High Blantyre. There were 3 different teams. The first existed in the 1950’s or 1960s managed by John (Jock) Douglas. The team would travel to away games along with supporters on a double decker bus leaving from Broompark Road. The Clubhouse was right next to Blakely’s Pub. Some Blantyre players may remember trying to lift the heavy medicine balls as part of the training regime.

The club apparently stopped in the 1960’s but was resurrected in the early 1970’s founded by Mr. Ian Galbraith. Mr Pat Agnew was the goalkeeper for High Blantyre Hearts in the 1970’s and Tommy and Ian Orr were committee members. That team also only existed for a couple of years.

The third team with this name was formed around 1988 run by Mr Mick Martin and John Robertson. Each of the teams played at High Blantyre’s Kirkton Park (pictured in the late 1960’s). Another team, Blantyre Hearts, a much earlier football team from the 1930’s and 40s should not confuse this.

Can anybody add anything to this information, or perhaps got some photos? Thanks.

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Margaret Taggart It was beautiful
Michael McGowan I think my father, Jimmy, had something to do with them. I remember a photo celebrating a cup win. I’m sure Sandy Morton was in it.
Jim Crawford Hi Michael. I well remember your dad he managed the team along with my uncle Jock. I well remember them winning the cup It might have been the late 50s .I also remember being given a little drink from it when my uncle brought it home to Park Crescent. I dont know who the Hearts beat that day.
Karen Paterson Aww, this is how I remember the park, happy memories
Brian Cushley I played with them in the 80’s
Jean Bennett Oh my goodness. We have a famous family! Is Pat able to give them more information? X
Margaret Elma Griffin Look how beautiful High Blantyre Park was then this is how I remember it.
Sally Jamieson The Park of my childhood and exactly how I remember it. It’s a poor state now. So very sad.
Wullie Clarkin I played for them 1962/3
Hazel Aitken Look at how beautiful the park was. Totally as how i remember it when we played there every day in th70′. Parkies took great care & pride in their work. Park was immaculate 12 months of the year. SLC take note as it is now a disgrace.
James Stirling I can remember Jake brownlie played with high blantyre hearts.
Lesley Frostick Barry Frostick look at this 
Barry Frostick Lesley Frostick Park looks fantastic back then. Pity it’s not like that now
Iain McAlpine Jock Douglas was my Grandfather. My mum, Betty, spoke fondly of the team in the 50’s and I’m pretty certain my Uncle John Douglas played in the juveniles too.
Jim Crawford Iain Hi . I am your mums cousin Jim . Your mum and uncle John were a big part of my life when I was young .I spent all my school holidays weekends and even Christmas at Park Crescent .Your Gran my aunt Bet and your grandfather my uncle Jock.were like a second mum and dad to me. I remember when your dad Tom was in the R.A.F. probably the same time as your uncle John. If your mum and dad are still around pass on my regards. Jim
Paul Murray My father played for them, Bill Murray
Thomas Barrett My father Pat managed them and his brother Peter played for them in 40s
John Taylor That’s how the park was when I went to school in the late 50/sixties

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