The Irish Insult, 1898

These auld stories absolutely need to be told and remembered. An insult, led to a quarrel near Dixon Street, Blantyre in 1898. A barman intervening resolved things amicably without the need for taking further, but the real story here was the insult itself, (which turned out to be quite amusing).

Two irishmen who hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and neither particularly liking each other met awkwardly in a beer shop one day. After a great deal of fake handshaking, they turned back to their refreshments and being beside each other at the bar found themselves having to take part in conversation.

“It’s a long time since we’ve met, Patrick”, said Michael.
“Aye, it is indeed”, said Patrick back. “A great deal of things hiv happened since then. Look at maself, ah’m married so I am.”
“Ye don’t say!”, replied Michael. “Ah’m married too, an ah’ve goat a fine healthy bhoy. The neighbours aw say he’s the very picture of me.”
Patrick supped his pint and put it down. Looked up at Michael’s face and paused at the bar. “Oh well”, he piped up. “Nae harm then, as long as the wean is healthy!”

And THAT was the point things turned for the worse…..

Illustration: AI Generated

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