Blantyre Cottage Hospital

I’ve been delighted in recent weeks to be corresponding back and forth with the brother of the late well known Blantyre historian, Neil Gordon. Robert Gordon has kindly shared the colour high resolution versions of the photos which appeared in Neil’s post Millennium book. With Neil’s book in black and white, it was the first time I’d seen some of these photos in colour.

Like this one of the Blantyre Cottage Hospital taken several decades ago. The building got off to a shaky start in when it was built in 1909 with criticism of its design. However public opinion was finally put to bed when it was quickly realised how worthy the hospital was in the care it very quickly provided to Blantyre residents, especially miners in all too common accidents. The hospital quickly became an important community asset. Any talk of how it looked vanished in the village and was never perpetuated. Personally, I’ve always thought this is a beautiful building, even more so in more modern times where it is now a very desirable home overlooking the Calder Braes.

I’ve also attached a more up to date photo of the house taken in Springtime 2017 showing off the beautiful blossom tree in the garden.

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